3 Questions To Ask Your Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist Arlington HeightsPatients will usually visit their dentist’s office once every six months for oral health and wellness appointments. These appointments usually include a thorough dental cleaning as well as a consultation with your trusted dentist. At AHSmile, Dr. Brent Engelberg encourages his patients to ask any questions they may have about their dental health during these appointments. If you have an upcoming dentist appointment, here are three good questions to ask your dentist:

How can I better care for my teeth?

Your biannual dentist appointments are a great time to reevaluate your dental health. As your hygienist performs your dental cleaning, ask them if they have any suggestions on improving your oral hygiene routine. They can tell you where they are seeing the most plaque and tartar buildup, as well as suggest products like electric toothbrushes, floss brands, or mouthwashes that other patients with similar dental concerns have had success with. By getting honest feedback on your oral hygiene routine, you can work to make improvements and hopefully see results by your next appointment.

What treatment options are available for my dental concerns?

If you have any dental concerns, your dentist should be informed about them as soon as possible. This includes any symptoms that you may have experienced outside of the office. For example, if you suffer from chronic jaw pain, tension headaches, or earaches, this could be a sign that you have a TMJ disorder stemming from underlying dental concerns. The sooner you address your dental concerns with your dentist, the more likely it is that they will be able to offer you conservative treatment options. Our office can offer treatment options to address almost any dental concern including bad breath, dental sensitivity, missing teeth, bite misalignment, and more.

What are your cosmetic dentistry recommendations?

Elective cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to interested patients. If you are itching for a smile makeover but don’t know where to start, ask your dentist about their available cosmetic treatments. At our Arlington Heights dentist office, we offer teeth whitening, tooth bonding, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals. A combination of these services can allow for a complete smile transformation. With a keen eye for the aesthetic and a dedication to cutting-edge techniques and materials, Dr. Engelberg can help you achieve the look you desire in addition to enhancing your natural smile and improving your overall dental health.

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