Are Fixed Hybrid Dentures Right For Me?

Dental Implants Arlington Heights ILWhen patients are missing a full arch of teeth, often their dentist will recommend dentures. While dentures will effectively replace your missing teeth, you may have to deal with some lifestyle adjustments since traditional dentures are not anchored into your smile. Even the best pair of dentures will shift around in your mouth throughout the day. This makes chewing and speaking a little tricky. Dr. Engelberg has helped many patients combat denture slippage by offering fixed hybrid dentures in his Arlington Heights, IL dentist office. Learn more below.

Fixed Hybrid Dentures in Arlington Heights, IL

While traditional dentures rely on adhesive gels to stick to your bottom gums, fix hybrid dentures are firmly secured to your soft tissues. Fixed hybrid dentures utilize the support of strategically placed dental implants. As the dental implants heal, they fuse into your jawbone and provide your restoration with better functionality without denture slipping. As a result, fixed hybrid dentures have a very high patient satisfaction rating. Fixed hybrid dentures allow patients to eat and speak with the confidence that their teeth will not slip around in their mouths.

It’s important to know that dental implants require a surgical procedure. The implant posts are inserted beneath your soft tissues. As you heal, the post will begin to fuse together with your jawbone. The healing period for dental implants can be several months; however, most patients do not mind the wait considering all of the long-term benefits that this restorative dentistry option comes with.

With fixed hybrid dentures, you do not have to worry about the dietary restrictions that you would need to abide by with traditional dentures. This greatly improves long-time denture wearers’ quality of life. If you are interested in this treatment option, Dr. Engelberg can create a personalized treatment plan for your needs, coordinate comprehensive care with our surgical partner, and bring you one step closer to a beautiful, permanent smile.

Patient Review of Dr. Engelberg

“Dr. Engelberg is an awesome dentist. His chairside manner is immaculate! He listened to all of my concerns, gave me his honest opinions, and positive feedback. His interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and transparency are one of none. I felt super comfortable, and hope that more people get to experience a passionate dentist like Dr. Engelberg!” – Brianna C. 

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If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Engelberg offers an extensive menu of restorative dentistry services to meet your needs. To learn more about fixed hybrid dentures, schedule a restorative dentistry consultation with Dr. Engleberg to find out if this is the best service to meet you and your needs. We look forward to helping you restore your smile.