Does Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

When used for purely cosmetic purposes, dental insurance tends not to provide coverage for treatment. However, many cosmetic treatment options are also used for necessary restorative work. If your dentist recommends cosmetic dentistry in Deerfield, IL, you may still be able to get coverage through your insurance. Every policy is slightly different, but most will cover a cosmetic procedure if it’s performed for a restorative need. Your dentist can help you check with your insurance to see if you have coverage and predetermine what percentage of treatment you can receive payment for.

COSMETIC DENTISTRY in DEERFIELD, IL, may be covered by your insurance policy

How Cosmetic Dentistry in Deerfield, IL, Can Be Restorative

Many cosmetic treatment options do improve the appearance of your smile. However, that’s not all that they’re for. Many treatment plans can enhance the beauty of your smile while also providing restorative work and preventative measures against damage or decay. If your dentist recommends a cosmetic treatment option, you may be able to receive insurance coverage.


Orthodontics is one of the trickier treatments to get coverage for. Many insurance policies only cover a percentage of treatment if the patient is under a certain age. Adults who are seeking corrective treatment, however, may see some small benefits for straightening their teeth. Malocclusion can lead to jaw disorders and even damage to your teeth and gums. Submitting Invisalign treatment as restorative and preventative may help you receive some coverage.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are often used to reshape teeth and fix cosmetic problems in the smile line. However, they can also be effective restorative treatment options for damage and decay. Along with tooth bonding, veneers can protect a tooth that has a chip or fracture. They can also be used to address minor issues of malocclusion, helping your bite stay strong and healthy. When used as a restorative option for damage, veneers may be partially covered by your insurance.


Botox can be extremely useful in helping patients smooth their skin and reduce the appearance of age lines. But it can also be a good treatment option for people who suffer from TMJ or other jaw disorders. When injected into the face by a trained and certified dentist, Botox can help relax your jaw muscles and relieve pain and discomfort in your jaw joints. While it can be tricky to get Botox covered by insurance, if used for the treatment of TMJ disorder, it may be possible.

Will Your Insurance Cover Cosmetic Treatment?

It’s important to remember that every insurance company and policy is different. You may not get the same coverage as another patient for any kind of treatment. You can often call or go online to check what your insurance policy covers. If you’re not able to see your coverage, or you don’t understand what coverage you have, call AH Smiles today at (847) 230-9703 to schedule a consultation. We can help determine if your insurance will cover cosmetic treatment or provide an additional treatment plan that better fits your budget.