Get Better Dental X-Rays with Overjet AI

Getting X-rays at the dentist’s office isn’t always fun or easy. But X-rays are crucial for helping your provider identify early signs of decay and damage, allowing them to provide treatment before disaster occurs. With Overjet AI, dental X-rays in Arlington Heights, IL, are more effective than ever at identifying problems in patients’ mouths. This new and advanced technology helps your dentist keep better records of your oral health and catch problems even earlier than ever before.

dental x-rays in Arlington Heights IL can help improve your dental treatment

The Benefits of Dental X-Rays in Arlington Heights, IL

A dentist’s job is to help keep your teeth, gums, and jaw healthy through routine cleanings and restorative treatment. But humans aren’t perfect, and no matter how well-trained or experienced a dentist is, there’s always a margin of error that could allow a problem to slip by unnoticed. Overjet AI helps improve the efficiency of X-rays to allow dentists to provide the treatment their patients need.

Early Diagnosis

As with any medical field, the sooner you identify a problem, the higher the chances of success in treatment. X-rays can see parts of your tooth structure that the eye can’t reach. This is crucial to finding and identifying early cases of damage or decay. With Overjet AI, X-rays are even more efficient at detecting dental problems. The program can analyze X-rays and even cross-reference results with patient data to find and track restorative and periodontal problems.

Treatment Understanding

It’s important that you, as a patient, understand exactly what’s going on in your own mouth and why certain treatment is necessary. The more you know about your dental problem and the potential fix, the more likely you are to accept the treatment your smile needs. Overjet AI has advanced diagnosing methods that can help show you what’s going on in your teeth and gums. By getting a deeper view into your own health, you can take treatment into your own hands and make educated decisions.

Quicker Appointments and Treatment

The use of AI technology in x-rays can help your dentists communicate and coordinate your treatment more effectively. Say, for example, that you need a dental implant. Your dentist can send all your X-rays and information to a local oral surgeon for placement. The accuracy and efficiency of the X-ray through Overjet AI allows your surgeon to work off the prepared data, meaning you can get in and out more quickly.

Full Health Overview

Getting X-rays for a specific problem can help diagnose the issue. But patients should also get routine X-rays to keep an eye on their overall oral health. Many dental issues can be caught early on through X-rays. Full X-rays can examine all aspects of your teeth, gums, and jaws to give your dentist a full picture of your oral health for any early treatment needs.

At AH Smiles, we believe that preventative treatment is key to keeping your oral health in check. With the use of Overjet AI, Dr. Brent Engelberg can catch early signs of damage and apply the necessary treatment. Call our office today at (847) 230-9703 to schedule an appointment and learn more about our X-ray technology.