Can Kybella® Improve Your Facial Esthetics?

As a dentist, we frequently work with patients interested in improving their smile by brightening teeth, correcting alignment, or repairing damaged/malformed teeth. However, many people are surprised to learn that we can do more than just improve the beauty of their teeth and gums. Using unique treatment such as Kybella®, we can also improve facial esthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kybella

Question: How does the procedure work?

Answer: As we grow older, fat cells can accumulate under the chin. Even people that eat healthy and exercise can still see submental fullness occur, leading to the appearance of a double chin. When administered, the deoxycholic acid in the treatment attacks and breaks down fat cells under the chin. In the future, the area will be unable to allow fat cell accumulation. Treatment takes an average of 20 minutes. Patients may need multiple treatments, no more than six, over the course of several months.

Question: Does Kybella work for anyone?

Answer: The treatment works well for men or women that experience submental fullness, which can occur as a result of aging, weight gain, or even weight loss. We will examine your face and determine whether this is the right choice for you.

Question: Can I see examples?

Answer: Absolutely! Simply visit our Kybella page. Click the tab for before and after photos, and you can see examples of the treatment’s benefits.

Question: Do you also offer Botox and dermal fillers?

Answer: Yes! We offer Botox to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye and in the forehead. Dermal fillers can add fullness to the lines around the nose and mouth, helping you obtain a more youthful appearance. If you have any questions about our facial esthetic treatments, then contact our office today.

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