How Do I Keep My Smile Bright This Spring?

Teeth whitening by Dr. Brent EngelbergWith the spring weather finally here, people across the country are heading outdoors, meeting friends, and enjoying the warm weather. Of course, you want to look your best when meeting with your friends and acquaintances, which includes your smile. How do you keep your smile bright? What steps can you take to avoid teeth stains (as well as common oral health concerns)?

Brush and Floss

The first step to keeping your smile bright? Take better care of your teeth! Brushing and flossing remove food from on and between your teeth. Otherwise, the food would remain there to be consumed by bacteria, a process that creates plaque buildup. Plaque is a sticky biofilm that make stains more apparent, as well as increase the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis. You should brush your teeth twice a day, morning and night, for two minutes each session. You should also floss before going to bed each night as well.

Watch What You Eat (And Drink!)

Foods and drinks high in sugar and other starches can lead to plaque buildup. In addition, drinks with dark pigments (such as coffee, soda, tea, fruit juice, and red wine) can also cause stains to appear, dulling your smile. Since spring is a time of renewal, why not use this time to change your eating habits? Drink water instead of drinks high in sugars and acids and eat fresh fruit and vegetables in lieu of those sugary snacks.

See Your Dentist for a Bright Smile

Even if you do everything we mentioned above, you still need to see your dentist every six months. A routine cleaning not only removes plaque (brightening teeth in the process) but can also safeguard your smile against cavities and gum disease.