Are Electric Toothbrushes Worth The Investment?

Electric toothbrushes feature several advantages over a traditional toothbrush. It is a debate that may go on forever, and ultimately it is a decision that you will need to make on your own. We have listed some of the pros and cons associated with an electric toothbrush to help you decide if an electric toothbrush will benefit the lifestyle that you live.

Benefits Of An Electric Toothbrush

  • Time Spent Brushing Your Teeth
    • Most patients tend to brush their teeth less time when using a traditional toothbrush. One benefit of an electric toothbrush is that most of them now come with a built-in timer to ensure that you brush your teeth for the proper amount of time needed to correctly clean your teeth.
  • Helps Patients With Disabilities
    • Since electric toothbrushes do most of the work for you, that may be significantly more helpful for people suffering from limited mobility issues,
    • Safety
      • Many patients tend to brush too hard when using a traditional toothbrush. Another benefit of an electric toothbrush is that it brushes your teeth for you, so there is no need to apply pressure while brushing. Simply let the toothbrush do the work.
    • More Effective Cleaning
      • Not only do electric toothbrush vibrate to help remove debris and plaque, but you can also get an electric toothbrush that is oscillating (rotating) which help loosen up the plaque that will less likely be removed with a traditional toothbrush.

Disadvantages Of An Electric Toothbrush

  • Cost
    • Yes, the initial cost will be significantly more than a traditional toothbrush. However, oral health benefits may outweigh the cost. Also, electric toothbrushes feature a large handle that tends to last a very long time, so when it is time to change your toothbrush, you simply need to replace only the head of the electric toothbrush.
  • Charge Time
    • As long as you are not too forgetful, then charge time will not be much of an issue for you. Since electric toothbrushes require a charge to operate, you will need to remember to charge your electric toothbrush before bed and to pack your charger on trips away from home.

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