Do I Need To Clean My Tongue?

The health of your tongue is crucial to your overall oral health and maintaining a healthy and clean tongue that doesn’t give bacteria a place to hide and grow, is key to preventing other serious oral conditions. The same bacteria that will hide and grow on your tongue is the same bacteria that will cause tooth decay on your teeth and gingivitis on your gums.

To fight bad breath, you will need to physically remove the coating of the film. Cleaning your tongue will also prevent your tongue from staining. Unclean tongues tend to become stained especially if you are a smoker or heavy coffee drinker. Cleaning your tongue should be a routine part of your daily oral hygiene routine. We have listed some reasons below to help with new ideas or way to properly clean your tongue.

How Can I Clean My Tongue?

There are two ways to clean your tongue properly: toothbrush and with a tongue scraper.

Tongue Scraper:

There is a wide range of tongue scrapers available. You can find one that allows you to clean your tongue comfortably, safely, and effectively. It is essential to apply a minimal amount of pressure when scrapping your tongue. It is easy to apply too much pressure and damage the tongue, so it is crucial to follow the instructions.


Brush your tongue at least twice per day. Most patients brush their teeth once in the morning and at night.  Some electric toothbrushes feature a tongue cleaning mode which will alter the way the electric toothbrush operates to clean your tongue properly. 

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