What Should I Know About Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth have a long history, and almost everyone has a story about their wisdom teeth. Most people are going to have a story about having them removed in their late teens or early twenties. Everyone will have their wisdom come in, and there are rare occasions when wisdom teeth come in with no issues and will just be used as an extra set of molars for eating.


First, Let’s Start With The Name

Wisdom teeth do not hold any wisdom and do not make you smarter. They are given the name because they come in a later stage of your life. They are simply your third and final set of molars to appear in your mouth.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth A Problem

  • Space Is Limited
    • Majority of patients simply do not have enough room in their mouth for wisdom teeth to grow in cause a wide variety of issues that are extremely painful and uncomfortable.
  • Impaction
    • The main problem with limited space in your mouth is that the wisdom tooth will become impacted under your gums. An impacted wisdom tooth will continue to grow under your gums causing nerve damage and extreme pain. Once the tooth becomes impacted, it will need to be extracted.
  • Crooked
    • If the wisdom tooth does manage to get through your gums, the chances are that it will grow in crooked. When this happens, it can cause damage to your neighboring teeth, such as chipping and cracking. Also, they can push your other teeth forward causing overcrowding with your other teeth.
  • Other Dental Concerns
    • If your wisdom teeth have not come through yet, and you need braces or any other dental procedure, chances are Dr. Engelberg will remove them as a preventive measure. It can be a serious issue if your wisdom teeth come in impacted. Prompt treatment can help reduce your risk of further dental complications.

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