Do I Need To Care For My Child’s ‘Baby Teeth’?

Yes, baby teeth are just as important as your adult teeth. Your baby teeth help form your final jaw structure, so it is important to care for them properly.

Another important factor involved with baby teeth is that they are crucial in learning the basics about caring for your teeth. It is important to instill the habits needed for excellent oral hygiene when you are at a young age so that you carry these habits into adulthood. If you do not teach your child proper oral hygiene mechanics at a young age, it could be much more difficult to instill these habits later on in life.

What Are ‘Baby Teeth’

Most children have a full set of primary teeth by the time they are three years old. A full set of primary teeth consist of twenty teeth and may irritate your child when they are coming in.  Once the baby teeth develop, they will eventually fall out to make room for the permanent teeth.

Why They Are Important

  • Diet
    • Your child’s primary teeth are important because they will allow your child to eat, speak, and chew properly.
  • Straighter Smile
    • Your baby teeth will help your child’s jaw stay strong while their permanent teeth grow in underneath their gums. If your child’s teeth are lost too soon, this may cause your child’s permanent teeth to grow in crooked or cause overcrowding.

What Can I Do With My Child And Their Teeth

  • Regular Visits
    • As soon as your first child’s tooth begins to show through their gums, take them in for a checkup. This is vital for your children’s teeth to grow in straight and have a lifetime of healthy teeth.
  • Cleaning
    • Help them with brushing until you feel comfortable that your child can brush on their own. Try picking out fun flavored toothpaste or toothbrushes with characters that your children may watch on tv.  Also, now there are several applications that you can download for free on your phone that will help show your child how to brush and make sure that they brush their teeth long enough.

Schedule a Consultation

If you would like to learn more about your children’s teeth along with their first set of teeth and what to do about them, discuss this with Dr. Engelberg at your next visit to their Arlington Heights dentist office. To schedule an appointment, call (847) 230-9703 or request an appointment online